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instock--Iaito-329n-introductory blade

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Ready to ship iaito.

Length: 2-4-0Shyaku (About 28.3in. / 72.7cm)  Weight; 779g Tsuka Length:  8.5  Sun (10.2in / 25.8cm)

Ito: navy Cotton    Same': Black  Fuchi/Kashira:     Dragon

Menuki:  Dragon   Tsuba:   Mounted warrior     Saya:  Black  Stone

Sageo:  navy  Cotton  Hamon:  Notare


We won't compromise on quality so this introductory level iaito is the most affordable iaito we offer.  Designed for years of training, the fittings sport a silver (pewter) color, including the tsuba.  Balance is great.  Fit is great.  The blade is lighter and won't like being muscled thru a cut!  Sweet deal.

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