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Swordstore Shinken Iaito and Steel Iaito

Shinken, Iaito, and Steel Iaito: Each has its function!

 Shinken are what dreams are made of:  Authentic Japanese made swords worthy of becoming family heirlooms.  Featured above is a blade made by a famous smith for one of our clients along with a horimono or sword carving made for another client.  Notice the exceptional hamon - the pattern in the steel.

Swordstore.com also provides the world with custom made Iaito for training.  Models range from the introductory model #1A to the elegant solid sterling silver fitted #4004.  There is a model suitable for your needs.

The Steel Iaito are true high carbon steel blades that will enhance training.  Designed with form and function in mind these swords are perfect for both the repetitive motions of kata and for cutting (Batto) and can be had at a fraction of the cost of a Japanese Shinken.
Models: #1A, #1001, #2002, #3003, #4004, #6006, #7007 & Shinken

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