Heir 's Duty

Maeda clan's warrior

Swordstore now offers Japanese art in both antique and high quality limited reproductions. We also have the ability to produce any size (within ratio) reprint that you desire whether your intention is to place in a frame, use as a banner or decorate an entire wall space – we can do it! About this scroll: This scroll was commissioned for a 1st son’s (Inuchiyo) first battle. It is unlikely that he would’ve been allowed anywhere near a battle but the number of heads taken is meant to exaggerate his prowess and as of yet untested courage. Original with kantei (documentation) available.

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FAQ General

What is the Warranty?

Swordstore Warranty: LIMITED WARRANTY for Iaito: Congratulations: You have just purchased the finest custom iaito on the market today. We wish you many years of service and offer the following: Swordstore provides a limited 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship of a non-cosmetic nature. The purchaser must provide the iaito for inspection where it can be determined whether the iaito has a warrantable condition. Swordstore reserves the right to repair or to replace the iaito if a defect is found to exist. This warranty specifically does not cover misuse, wear, or minor cosmetics that do not affect the safety or continued use of the product. Removal of the tsuka (handle) by anyone other than a Swordstore authorized representative without express written authorization voids any warranty offered by Swordstore. Damage as a result of using iaito for cutting or metal on metal impact voids any warranty offered by Swordstore. Iaito are customized to order. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure proper fit. All items are subject to availability. Craftsmen reserve the right to substitute fittings to complete orders on a timely basis. Any customs duties, additional postage, bank fees and government regulations are the client’s responsibility. The client is responsible for determining and complying with any government regulations pertaining to the ownership and use of the products sold by Swordstore and CET. WARNING: Please use caution when using these training tools. …............................................................................................................. 1. In processing this order, Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc. (CET) is acting as an agent for the manufacturer. While CET will do its best to insure the customer’s complete satisfaction, nevertheless, except in the event of the gross negligence of CET, customer agrees to look solely to the manufacturer for any claim regarding items purchased hereunder. 2. All Sales are Final. Due to the unique nature of these items there will be no refunds, credits or exchanges on custom ordered products without the prior consent of CET. 3. Payment in Full / Prices Subject to Change. Payment in full of all amounts due hereunder is required at least thirty (30) days prior to delivery, sometimes longer. Customer understands that the prices quoted herein for custom made items, if any, are intended as estimates only and that the final cost of custom made products ordered may increase. Upon notification from CET and, provided that substantiation of such is provided, Customer agrees to pay any increase in price. Until paid, CET shall have no obligation to customer hereunder. 4. Indemnification and Hold Harmless Except in the event of gross negligence, CET shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer or anyone claiming through the customer as a result of any loss, damage or injury suffered as a result of this agreement or any products purchased hereunder. Further, customer does hereby indemnify and hold CET harmless from and against any and all cost, liability or expense (including legal fees and expenses) in any way associated with this Purchase Order or any items purchased from or through CET. 5. Governing Law / Legal Fees This agreement shall be construed under and according to the laws of the State of Maryland, without regard to any conflict of laws provisions. Customer hereby agrees that any claim arising out of this Purchase Order or as a result of the products purchased hereunder shall be brought in Maryland and the Customer submits to the jurisdiction of the appropriate court in Maryland in the event that CET shall make a claim against the customer. In the event of any dispute hereunder, the losing party shall be responsible for and shall pay any and all legal fees and costs incurred by the prevailing or substantially prevailing party, as the case may be.

Can I Get Assistance on Translations?

Swordstore will provide assistance to our clients  in translating your needs for certificates, scrolls (makimono/kakejiku), hanko (chops), flags (hata) and other items.  We will also try to offer guidance when a request might conflict culturally. We will do everything possible to promote accuracy but the client needs to appreciate that translation can’t always be perfectly transmitted.

An official opinion about an antique sword is called a kantei.  We do not as a rule offer kantei or free translations of swords that might be in a person's possession.  As a rule Swordstore policy dictates that if we do attach a value to a sword that we will not under any circumstances purchase the sword as this kind of relationship can lead to abuse.

How Do I Contact Swordstore.com?

We love talking with our clients though due to volume, email is often the most effective method available today.  We pride ourselves on answering every serious inquiry within 48 hours and usually respond on the same day that an inquiry is sent.

Rick is most involved with questions related to Swords.  Yuri's talents are far ranging and include web site development and management and garments and apparel.

Email:  info@swordstore.com

Phone:  410-544-3611 (International:  USA Eastern Standard Time)

Write:  P.O. Box 232, Severna Park, MD 21146

We are a cyberspace business outside of Japan.  We only accept visitors by making an appointment for security reasons.  Thank you.

What is CET/Swordstore's Privacy Policy?

Swordstore.com Privacy Policy:

CET Inc., / Swordstore.com does not disclose buyers information to third parties.

What is the Return Policy?

Returns & Exchanges:

Clothing:  Custom orders where an error has been made in the construction or choice of materials, please contact Swordstore.com for return instructions.

Stock items can be returned.  Please contact Swordstore.com for return instructions.  Swordstore.com reserves the right to charge a 10% restocking fee as well as shipping and handling fees. Items must be returned within 10 days of receipt.

Merchandise accepted for return must have the original packing materials and must be in new condition.  CET will not accept any merchandise that has been worn, damaged or can not be sold as new with the original packaging.

Iaito:  Custom orders can’t be returned without special prior consent of Swordstore.com.  (Non-warrantable).  Stock orders can be returned within 10 days.  The client must contact Swordstore.com for instructions. Again the item must have the original packing and be able to be resold as new.

Custom steel iaito and Shinken:  Custom orders can’t be returned without special prior consent of Swordstore.com (non-warranty).

Personalized Items are considered custom orders and can’t be returned.

The goods are your responsibility until they reach us.  For your own protection we recommend that you send the goods using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods and provides you with proof of posting.

We do not refund shipping and handling costs and we do not pay customs duties.  Foreign transactions should be clearly marked “returned merchandise”

Does Swordstore Offer Gift Certificates?

Gift Certificates:

Swordstore.com does offer Gift Certificates in increments of $20.  Contact us for details.

Does Swordstore Offer Dojo or Group Discounts?

Dojo & Group Discounts:

Swordstore appreciates all of our clients. We strive to offer the most competitive pricing possible.  Although we can't provide a set formula for offering volume discounts, we will work on larger orders and try to make adjustments on a case by case basis.  We also offer periodic sales events for our clients.

How Does Shipping & Handling Work?

Shipping, Handling, & Insurance:

Postage Costs are calculated based upon box dimensions, weight and insured value.  Typically we will insure overseas shipments at 50% value.

Although swordstore will make every effort to accomodate a client's shipping requests please understand that the rules have changed dramatically since 9/11.  For example many mainline carriers will not accept Iaito for international shipment.

Swordstore does not collect any taxes, VAT or residual fees.  The client is responsible for all taxes, duties and extra fees as well as being in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country in which they reside.

Swordstore will make every effort to ship to the most accurate address provided.  It is the client's responsibility to check the invoice for accuracy and confirm the proper mailing address.

The client is responsble for any additional fees regarding post and delivery.

Swordstore does not refund shipping and handling costs.  Foreign transactions should be clearly marked as "returned merchadise for repair" as swordstore does not pay any duties or taxes or return freight charges.

What does "handling" mean?  This is the cost associated with boxing and packing an order.

Stock Orders and Back Orders

Stock Orders:

If an item is out of stock, it typically takes about two weeks to fill an order.  Swordstore will contact the client when the order is made to advise in such an event.  Of course custom made items can take longer.

Back Orders:

If your item (non-custom order) is not in stock, we will stock order it for you.  You will be emailed an advice providing an estimated time of delivery and given the option to cancel or proceed with the order.

Credit Card Security

Your Financial Security is Important to Us!

All credit card transactions are processed with your security, safety and reliability in mind.  We use double encryption.  No records are kept within our server.  We do not maintain your financial information. We are PSI compliant and use SSL.

Why Swordstore Silk Sageo Are Better....

Sworstore Silk Sageo:

Today standard machine cotton and/or synthetic silk sageo are available.  Swordstore is happy to offer EXCLUVELY  hand made silk sageo made by a National Living Cultural Asset of Japan.  These sageo are works of art.  Close examination will reveal that the weave, a tradition maintained since the 10th century, the colors - from natural dyes only and the consistency of each of these sageo reflect the highest standards possible.

Typically silk sageo come in two standard sizes.  Swordstore typically provides the longer length only (94 inches or 240 cm  or 100 inches -256cm including tassels). (Different sizes available by special request).

The end of the sageo is left unwoven for you to trim or enjoy.  If tangled, apply steam indirectly to the fusa and pull taught.  Do not place the main body of the sageo in the steam unless you wish to soften it.  Resteam to stiffen.  This is truly a hand-woven piece of art.

How About Payment?


We accept Visa / Mastercard, Discover credit/debit cards, bank and wire transfers such  as Western Union, bank & cashier’s checks made payable to CET Inc. We can also accept Paypal with prior consent. 

In the interest of preventing credit card fraud, Swordstore.com prefers to ship to the billing address of the client.  We will request additional security information from clients requesting a different shipping address. 

With your invoice we will send an estimated time for completion of your order.  Please remember that these are custom orders and do not come off of an assembly line. When the order prepares to ship we will advise and we will send you an automated advice to your email address with shipping information.

About Swordstore.com

Swordstore specializes in providing custom Iaito, Shinken and Steel Iaito to our clients along with the higest quality clothing and dojo gear.

We don't use an assembly-line approach to construction.  In fact, swords and iaito are made with a collection of several different artisans combining their craft skills.  Typically the first floor of a craftsman's house is the workshop and place of business with the living quarters behind and above the shop.

Today Japan is feeling the same pressures of the global economy as the rest of us and many famous makers are outsourcing to other countries.  We try in every instance possible to provide the best products of Japanese origin as we believe there is a substantial difference in quality and value.

Swordstore Legal....

We are delighted to offer the best Japanese Swords and Iaito possible.  It hasn't been without its' struggles but today we are stronger for them.  Our products and services are better than ever and we've been able to improve quality at a competitive price as well.  Still there is a lot of controversy out there in cyberland and we continue to have our rights infringed upon.  As some of our clients have asked for additional information, we believe that the information sent in a News Release in Europe in 2002 would be a concise way to understand the issues better:

"March 16, 2002

 Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc. (Swordstore.com / Nosyuiaido International)

And Nosyuiaido AKA Nosyudo and  Igarashi Keiji 

In 1998 Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc. entered into a contract with Nosyuiaido (and Igarashi Keiji, Nosyuiaido's president) first negotiated in 1996, which gave CET the exclusive right outside Japan to sell Nosyuiaido products.  The principals of CET have a long relationship with Nosyuiaido dating back to 1976.

Notwithstanding the long history between CET and Nosyuiaido, CET was forced to sue Nosyuiaido in Federal Court in Maryland based on certain actions by Mr. Igarashi that were in breach of the contract.  In short, Mr. Igarashi broke his promises to CET, failed to honor customer claims, and diverted sales away from CET.  On March 15, 2002, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland declared that CET does in fact have the exclusive right to use the Nosyuiaido name and to sell Nosyuiaido products outside of Japan.  The Court also issued an injunction forbidding Nosyuiaido, its officers, agents, employees or any other person acting or purporting to act on Nosyuiaido's behalf from directly or indirectly marketing Nosyuiaido products, selling Nosyuiaido products, or offering Nosyuiaido products for sale outside of Japan via any means other than through CET until January 1, 2009.  CET will take steps to enforce the injunction throughout the European Union in accordance with Article 24 of the Brussels Convention 

The Federal Court ruling means that no merchandise can be sold, no catalogues or sales materials distributed by Nosyuiaido or anyone acting for Mr. Igarashi regardless of what name might be used.  Despite the Federal Court injunction, CET believes that Mr. Igarashi is continuing to try to market Nosyuiaido products using other names and diversions.  For example Mr. Igarashi's current catalogue using the name "Nosyudo" and "Seishyudo" offer Nosyuiaido products subject to the Federal Court injunction.

continued Page two


These unfortunate circumstances have compelled CET, to ask customers to honor and respect the rulings of the Federal Court and abide by the injunction.

Please be advised that CET has already taken legal action against businesses and individuals who have failed to honor CET's exclusive contractual rights and who violate the injunction judgment against Nosyuiaido. 

Many of us do budo in part to do something wholesome and with the integrity of effort and spirit.  At CET we have carried this integrity of effort and spirit into our company‑‑ we have tried to be honest and straightforward in our business dealings and with all of our customers.  We respectfully request that you do the same and honor the Federal Court injunction.  We look forward to serving your needs for the best quality martial arts equipment at a fair price.


Rick & Yuri Polland


Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc. (CET Inc.)

More About Wooden Weapons....


Once upon a time  Japan hosting dozens of craft houses that specialized in making wooden weapons for martial arts.

If you stop and think about it, some woods are much better for the task than others.  Characteristics should not only demonstrate great impact resistance but also be able to have good crushability properties so that one doesn't get a sliver while training.  

Many exotic woods are very attractive and some make decent weapons great choices.  However many such woods have oils and resins that are not kind to constant contact with the skin.  Conversely, not all woods can retain its characteristics after being saturated with the hand acids from use.

Japan offers a superb weapons grade wood sometimes translated as red or white oak.  However the wood known as shirakashi is better in terms of every characteristic when comparing the wood for impact, resin, crushability, flexibility etc.,

Shirakashi can not be farmed and has become very rare to find in southern Japan so today most comes from central and northern Japan.  Though still superior, the characteristics due to the colder weather is not precisely the same.  Today bowing to commerical pressures and availability most Japanese budo stores outsource their wooden weapons.

Swordstore is proud to offer wooden weapons made in Japan by one of the few surviving crafthouses still able to eek out a living keeping this tradition alive.  Our provider has templates that include weapons details that are hundreds of years old.  We're not the fastest, and like everyone else we offer a mixture of hand and machine made products but we do believe we offer the best quality and the first selection.

Because these training tools are often made to order and are based upon materials availability please be patient with regards to construction times.

And thank you for helping us support the remaining folk traditions of Japan.

Why Swordstore?

When we first introduced Japanese swords to the internet in 1991 we were pioneers.  There were not many resources and none of them were organized and on-line. Nor was there any real structure for working with markets outside of Japan.  We set about the job of organizing the product and we saw our efforts copied by others so we knew that we had something that they wanted to imitate. 

We learned a lot over the years, not just in construction and production methods but about culture as well.  Our mission was to provide only the best products available.  We knew that we also had to avoid making a sales mechanism that was fully automated.  There are just too many important questions and variables to remove the human interaction sometimes needed to comfortably and accurately move forward with a transaction.  

Swordstore is committed to service.  We don’t just market a hollow phrase, we respond to every inquiry, usually within 24 hours. 

Swordstore is committed to offering only the finest Japanese made products available. 

Swordstore enjoys having an excellent relationship with over 35 award winning smiths.

Swordstore works with a National Living Cultural Asset for our silk sageo production.

Swordstore works with Japanese makers that provide products from Japan.

Swordstore works with a National Living Cultural Asset in construction of our wooden weapons.

We understand that we can't meet or exceed every expectation of every client though it is our goal to try and do so.  We hope that you think so too and invite you to comment about our products and services.

Thank you for your business

Rick & Yuri and the Swordstore Team

How can I order my design jewelry?

Please submit with the price quote key. We will try to get back to you within 48 hours.  Prices vary based upon the fluctuating price of metals.