Heir 's Duty

Maeda clan's warrior

Swordstore now offers Japanese art in both antique and high quality limited reproductions. We also have the ability to produce any size (within ratio) reprint that you desire whether your intention is to place in a frame, use as a banner or decorate an entire wall space – we can do it! About this scroll: This scroll was commissioned for a 1st son’s (Inuchiyo) first battle. It is unlikely that he would’ve been allowed anywhere near a battle but the number of heads taken is meant to exaggerate his prowess and as of yet untested courage. Original with kantei (documentation) available.

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  1. Iai Obi

    Iai Obi black or white

    Iai obi are designed to be firm enough to hold a sword and scabbard in place. The obi must be wide enough and thick enough without being too stiff or too soft. The obi should also allow for the knot to be tied flat in order to enhance how the hakama hangs without a bunny tail in back. Swordstore only provides obi usable for Iai.
  2. New Fancy Obi

    New Fancy Obi

    There's an old adage in Japan about warriors in the old days wearing their best to battle. They dressed well assuming that they might die and they didn't want to be too shabby as it would embarrass their families for many generations. Today we are more conservative in our training uniforms but we're still allowed a greater level of personalization for our sageo and obi. These fancy obi are reversible reflecting two different patterns. Made of 100% cotton fiber (silk can be too slippery for iai) these durable obi are 380cm long and can tie flat.
  3. Sale
    Black Dragon Obi

    Black Dragon Obi

    These obi are slightly narrower than the typical iai obi. They're great for formal occassions and for daily practice for folks that are too thin to feel comfortable with the wider obi.

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    Special Price $69.00

  4. New AUSKF namebadge format


    namebadge, nafuda, zekken

    Design your name badge!  You can select white or black fields for easy care poly-tretron or the traditional blue indigo dyed cotton as well as many different thread colors.  

    (A) Specify the letters (English, Katakana, Kanji)  to be written horizontally across the top. By custom this is often the dojo or geographic area that you are associated with.

    (B)  Place your name vertically (English, Katakana, Kanji).

    (C) Optional line of text (English).  There is a small upcharge

    Swordstore.com will gladly translate your English but may need to contact you to confirm phonetic accuracy.

    NOTE:  There are space requirements to keep in mind.  The larger the number of characters the smaller the font size.

    (Zekken, Nafuda)


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