Heir 's Duty

Maeda clan's warrior

Swordstore now offers Japanese art in both antique and high quality limited reproductions. We also have the ability to produce any size (within ratio) reprint that you desire whether your intention is to place in a frame, use as a banner or decorate an entire wall space – we can do it! About this scroll: This scroll was commissioned for a 1st son’s (Inuchiyo) first battle. It is unlikely that he would’ve been allowed anywhere near a battle but the number of heads taken is meant to exaggerate his prowess and as of yet untested courage. Original with kantei (documentation) available.

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Famed for the quality of it's textiles our Japanese craftspeople still offer the best in garments and dojo gear possible, bucking the trend to outsource to other parts of Asia while maintaining the brand name. There are differences in quality!
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  1. Sturdy Thick Cotton Hakama

    Sturdy Thick Cotton Hakama

    Swordstore offers both white and cream. Make certain to color match!
  2. Top Cotton white thin

    Top Cotton white thin

    Thin mesh weave make it breezable. 100% Cotton material. Made in Japan.
  3. Top Cotton white thick

    Top Cotton white thick

    white or cream thick double thickness top.
  4. Top Edosashi white (

    Top Edosashi white

    Light material. Good for summer climate. Edosashi pattern is from Sashiko style.
  5. Top Cotton Indigo blue double

    Top Cotton Indigo blue double

    Thick double woven material. Indigo dye.
  6. Top Cotton Indigo blue thin

    Top Cotton Indigo blue thin

    Thin weave has a honey comb effect so that it breeze.
  7. Juban under garment

    Juban under garment

    Soft and light, these cotton undergarments hang correctly allowing the wearer to show just a hint of juban at the collar.
  8. Iaigi-poly, kimono sleeve

    Iaigi-poly, kimono sleeve

    Elegant, for formal occassions such as "Embu" and "Taikai" these "Montsuki" have virtually replaced the more expensive silk garments because of practicality and price! Swordstore offers the best garments on the market today. These garments are made to the highest standards in Japan to hang properly and gather straight. For the sword arts and Kyudo, movement should look "monolithic" and our garments are made specifically for Iaido with this purpose in mind. Larger clients with waists wider than 40 inches and/or chests greater than 42 inches should request "OKUMI". The kesa should not pull or tug and the garment is made to accomodate the larger sizes without compromising how the garment drapes. Culturally, the Japanese judge how a garment fits and is worn.
  9. Hakama Formal Stripe Custom

    Hakama Formal Stripe Custom

    Everyone should have a Sunday go-to-meetings hakama for formal occassions. Do remember that Kendo Renmei guidelines determine who can wear these garments at public events.
  10. Hakama Cotton Indigo Blue

    Hakama Cotton Indigo Blue

    Smurfed! Good, you're paying for real indigo dye, no phoney chemical dyes are used on this classic garment. Bullet-proof these hakama wear like iron and become as soft as a baby's….
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