Heir 's Duty

Maeda clan's warrior

Swordstore now offers Japanese art in both antique and high quality limited reproductions. We also have the ability to produce any size (within ratio) reprint that you desire whether your intention is to place in a frame, use as a banner or decorate an entire wall space – we can do it! About this scroll: This scroll was commissioned for a 1st son’s (Inuchiyo) first battle. It is unlikely that he would’ve been allowed anywhere near a battle but the number of heads taken is meant to exaggerate his prowess and as of yet untested courage. Original with kantei (documentation) available.

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    antique-Tsuba Daruma Front

    Regular Price: $750.00

    Special Price $650.00

  2. Antique Tsuba Pine

    Antique Tsuba Pine

    Antique tsuba Pine with sword plugs in copper 77x73x4
  3. antique-Gentleman's Box

    antique-Gentleman's Box

    Meiji period Lacquer wood box with Shunga theme 11cm x 8.8cm x 3.4cm OD
  4. Tsuba For Bokken

    antique-Tsuba For Bokken

    Late Edo tsuba for bokken work 70 x 71 x 5 some rust
  5. tanto-Muramachi


    Muramachi Tanto with papers. Super clean, partial signature, in shirasaya, Suguha hamon, rare maru-ha - double edged blade
  6. antique-Wooden Budha Netsuke

    antique-Wooden Budha Netsuke

    Wooden netsuke 53mm x 29mm x 20mm
  7. antique-Chokuto


    The Chokuto more commonly referred to as a type of throwing weapon or shiriken is 21cm long x 7mm x 7mm
  8. Menuki Hanya

    antique-Menuki Hanya

    Edo period in copper, shakudo, and gold - stunning work Comes with formed kiribox
  9. Tsuba Cherry and Radiating Sun 2

    antique-Tsuba Cherry and Radiating Sun 2

    Clean, skill in cherry with radiating sun motif
  10. ntique Tsuba Radiating Sun (

    Antique Tsuba Radiating Sun

    Antique tsuba Radiating Sun 81x74x5
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