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Monouchi with Choji hamon

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  • Monouchi with Choji hamon
  • Okkissaki
  • Torri Sori
  • Yujo Habaki
  • Sterling silver fittings & brown same'
  • Tsuka with Hinerimaki
  • No Hi, Itame hada


The Shinken selection process should never, in our opinion at least become completely automated.  Every blade has a unique personality.  Every smith, as an artist and a craftsman, that has pride in his own traditions must be matched against the client's requirements.  As importantly, many craftspeople come together to make a proper Shinken and attention to the overall quality of the team is essential.  Each smith has long standing relationships and it is important to know something about the quality of work performed in association with the construction of a new sword.

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