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statue Niou

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Kongo Rikishi / Niou: (Sold as pair only)

"A":330(H)×180(W)×95(D) 2kg

"Un":330(H)×175(W)×125(D) 2kg

Kongo Rikishi are usually depicted in pairs guarding the temple gates.  The veins and bulging muscles show anger. Legend has it that this spirit would return to earth from the cosmos and divide into two entities. Modeled on a Japanese national treasure, you can see the explosion of power in these statuettes. Encrypted within the hidden secrets of martial arts was the concept of proper breathing. The statue with his mouth open is releasing his breath and is called "A"). The mate is closing his mouth and has expelled his breath. This is called "Un". Notice the pains taken by the artist to demonstrate the elegant symetry even within the way the clothing is draped and the martial stances are taken.

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