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Statue Folk Demons

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Pair of Demons (Oni): Sold as a set only

Tentouki: 170mm H X 85 W X 65 D 250g

Ryutouki: 210mm H X 80 W X 45 D 300g

The Kamakura Period, (11th century) was known for the creation of some of the most dramatic Buddhist art that the world has ever seen. Arguably the most famous school was called the "Kei" school and the artisan/craftsmen had names that ended in "Kei". Unkei's work dominated this school of art.

These statuettes are said to be modeled by Unkei's 3rd son and represent Tentouki and Ryutouki. There is both humor and immense power in these high quality reproductions. Tentouki holds a lantern to "illuminate" in his powerful arm while Ryutouki balances his lantern on his head taking a powerful and balanced stance. Many warriors loved the power that these statues seemed to radiate making this a popular theme throughout the ages.

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