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Shinken collage

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  • Antique abalone tsuba and shell fuchi
  • Antique abalone tsuba full view
  • Hamon
  • Monouchi
  • Silver Yujo habaki
  • Monouchi
  • Antique shell menuki
  • Tsuka
  • tsuba 2nd view
  • Two Saya
  • Hamon close up Itame Hada
  • Antique Shell  Kashira close up
  • Blade view
  • Shinken collage


Gorgeous sword by Master Toshyo Kanetsugu. LONG! 2.6.0 (31") length with Choji hamon, tight itame hada, smaller chukisseki, hi, and gorgeous combo of antique tsuba in abalone motif complimented with antique shell fuchi/kashira/menuki. Great for both collecting and for practitioners!!! It's a wowser! Also comes with two saya black gloss with same and black kanshitsu. 1141g., 9 Sun tsuka
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