Steel Iaito 6006-7007 Custom Design

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Steel Iaito 6006-7007 Custom Design

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  • Tsuba Option 1 of 6
  • Tsuba Option 2 of 6
  • Tsuba Option 3 of 6
  • Tsuba Option 4 of 6
  • Tsuba Option 5 of 6
  • Tsuba Option 6 of 6
  • Fuchi/Kashira 1 of 3
  • Fuchi/Kashira 2 of 3
  • Fuchi/Kashira 3 of 3
  • Menuki 1 of 3
  • Menuki 2 of 3
  • Menuki 3 of 3


Choosing Between the model #6006 Batto-yo and #7007 Iai-yo

The only real difference between the #6006 and #7007 is that the former comes without hi (groove) and has a slightly thicker mihaba (blade width). The forging process and the koshirae (Japanese sword furniture) is the same.

The #6006 is a bit more forgiving of inconsistencies in the targets as well as technique because the weight of the steel is thrown forward towards the monouchi (cutting portion of the blade) though care is taken to make certain that the blade is not tip heavy.  Though typically a bit lighter, the #7007 is no slouch when it comes to cutting. When looking at the hi (groove) - think "I" beam construction.

We use a clamshell style polish, a jack of all trades, master of none when it comes to cutting both soft and hard targets there is no better compromise.

Like our iaito, you can select standard fittings, silver colored fittings or solid sterling silver fittings at an increased cost. You can read more about these wonderful training tools on our FAQ page.

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